About Goddess Aadimata Gayatri

Aadimata Gayatri is the Spanda-Shakti of Parameshwar. She is the awareness of Parameshvar about Himself (The awareness of Parameshvar that ‘I am Parameshvar’).

Aadimata Gayatri is the very first, the original manifestation of the supreme Parameshvar. She is called as Parameshvari, Aadimata. She is The Mother of The Paramatma, The Omkar and She is also The Mother of the Universe.

The Gayatri form of the Aadimata is known as ‘Brahmanandadayini’. Brahmananda is a state of supreme and ultimate bliss, which is granted to the Shraddhavaan by Adimata Gayatri.

The image Pancha-Mukhi (Five Faced) Gayatri was first sculpted by Parshuram on stone in front of ShreeGuru Dattatreya. The five faces of Aadimata Gayatri represent Brahmavidya, Complete and Total Purity, Complete and Total Sanctity, Samaadhi and Theist Faith. (The awareness of Shraddhavaan that the Parameshwar exists, He is my Savior is called as Theist Faith.)

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